Pastry Team Canada

World Pastry Competition 2003

While preparing for the 2003 World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France, we wanted our team to take a different approach to food art design – to create showpieces from a chef perspective, but with the help of a professional graphic designer. This is no small feat for any designer, as chocolate, sugar, and ice are highly 'ephemeral' media unlike printed material. Yet Linda was extremely quick to adapt, understand the limitations of these materials, and ultimately to help us create stunning works of 'food' art. Thank you, Linda, for your amazing talent, quick-on-your-feet thinking, and great personality in those stressful practices and final preparation in France. Seventh in the world is indeed a remarkable accomplishment!

Dominique & Cindy Duby
Pastry Team Canada 2001 - 2003
Team Managers & Members

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