DC DUBY Wild Sweets®

Chocolate Chinese New Year Sculpture

Although producing traditional western world seasonal theme sculptures - Christmas, Easter, Valentine, Mother's Day among others - is a regular task here at Wild Sweets®, creating something for the Lunar New Year celebration was totally new to us. We turned to Linda at Profile Design Group and together we brainstormed design ideas that best represented the theme "Year of the Ram", incorporated the use of 'cultural' colours such as red and gold and the showcased the 'Ram' character. All the while keeping in mind ease of production for making the casted chocolate, size for selling cost and to fit within available packaging for the finished sculpture. Top marks to Linda for meeting all requirements and based on the great reviews and coverage from print / broadcast Chinese Media - fantastic job!

– Dominique & Cindy Duby
Wild Sweets® Managing Directors

Chinese New Year Sculptures